Rewards Program

Being the valued customer of The Med Supply has always been an unparalleled experience. Our main priority is to treat our customers as our partners and that is the reason we decided to pay back our customer1.5% of their purchases as rewards and appreciation of continued support.

When you create an account (which will be Free of Charge), you will earn an UNLIMITED 1.5% annual CASH BACK on most of your purchases from The Med Supply.

You will be able to use your cash back against your purchase from THEMEDSUPPLY.COM

Refunds of the eligible purchases will be deducted from the 1.5% reward.

The following purchases do not apply to the 1.5% reward:

-          Shipping Fees

-          Sales Taxes

-          Misc. Fees and Taxes

There is no expiration on rewards ,no Limit and with no charging categories to follow, you always know where and how you are earning rewards.